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If People Only Knew...

"Oftentimes you smile when you are sad, encourage others when in fact you are empty and let people get away with things that if you ever brought it up it would add insult to injury. Whether we talk everyday or not just know I am routing for you. It's the little things that make a big difference and today you were on my heart."


-Trehon Cockrell-Coleman
Tucson Community Connector 

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About Trehon 

Trehon A. Cockrell-Coleman – an engineer by trade, has garnered 13 years of experience as a test engineer with the world’s largest developer, producer, and integrator of weapon systems Raytheon Technologies. He is a native of Nashville, Tennessee and is the bi-product of the city’s public schools.

Early in his adult life, he became an enthusiastic advocate for children and youth living in urban corridors because he vividly recalls those caring individuals in the community he was born and raised who showed him tough but go-make-something-of-yourself type of love.


His long history of advocacy began in 2007, while he was just a sophomore at Tennessee State University. It was at this time that Cockrell-Coleman founded The Beginner’s Leadership Achievement Awards™ (“BLAA”) after he had observed an array of public school students who either lacked motivation or had little awareness of how to make it in a difficult and sometimes, hostile world. With the help of family and friends in Nashville, the BLAA recognized and rewarded over 300 school-aged children and youth in his hometown between 2007-2018.


Today, Trehon repurposed his passion in Tucson, Arizona by humbly serving as a millennial on the move. With the help of his wife, he constantly works to arrive at the right balance between his professional life, his personal relationships, and his altruistic nature. Trehon graduated with his Bachelor’s from Tennessee State University in Computer Science (2010) and received his Master’s from Arizona State University in Nonprofit Leadership and Management (2019). More than anything he is thankful that God allows him to grow as a husband, father, and a dedicated community volunteer.


Cockrell-Coleman is married to Carmishun Coleman of Houston, TX. The couple enjoy Family Movie Night with their two children and traveling to visit family members during the holidays.

Trehon Coleman & Wife
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